8. February 2016


wp-shortstat is a litte statistics plugin for WordPress up to version 3.3.1. The plugin was written by Jeff Minard but the latest original version does not work with WordPress 2.02. I fixed this problem and developed further changes to the plugin. Some changes from other people are also included. To send Patches mail to mk(at)happyarts.de

Download the latest version as zip version.


Installation instructions: copy wp-shortstat.php and your language file *.mo (optional) per ftp to your „your_blog/wp-content/plugins“ directory and activate the plugin in the WordPress|Plugins|Plugins-menu. Now you can visit your statistics in WordPress|DashBoard|ShortStat.

Slovene translation from Vid Kosir, Spanish translation from Jaime Gómez Obregón

Update: If you have a large database, you may delete old statistic entries before 2007 with the SQL „SELECT FROM wp_ss_stats WHERE dt < 1167609599“. More about this topic in article „WordPress Tip: Reduce the Size of the WP-ShortStat Database Table“


Version 1.17a (5. October 2011)

  • lithuanian translation from professional translator Nata Strazda, http://www.webhostinggeeks.com
  • ukrainian translation from professional translator Alyona Lompar, http://webhostingrating.com
  • romanian translation from Alexander Ovsov, Web Geek Science http://webhostinggeeks.com

Version 1.16 ( 25. February 2011)

  • translatetion to Bulgarian language from Dimitar Atanasov
  • encoding fixed (Thx to Alexey Demakov)

Version 1.14c (28. July 2009 )

  • disabled more error warnings
  • added new russian translation from Fat Cow
  • Patch from hacker-piao: fixed possible security vulnerabilities

Version 1.14b (19. February 2009 )

  • fixed php warning
  • patch from Eric Caron: fixed possible security problem (prevent SQL injections)

Version 1.14a (08. January 2009)

  • removed support for wordpress before version 2.3, tested up to version 2.7
  • fixed creation of tables at setup
  • compatibility fix for WP_MU
  • removed deprecated functions
  • disabled the country detection, because whois.happyarts.de is not working anymore and there where no more updates to the country panel
  • little bit more space for the modules
  • language template is now included in standard download file

Version 1.13c (14. April 2008)

  • Small changes, maybe improving compatibility with WordPress 2.5
  • Corrected handling of hits having no referrers as suggested by Stian

Version 1.13a (14. November 2007)

  • fixed Bug with not working Browser and Platform Tabs (Thx to Stian for fixing the bug)
  • show percent in Countries tab
  • calculate percentage in Browsers and Platforms tab relative to all hits, where these information are known, not to all hits

Version 1.12b (2. October 2007)

  • small compatibility fix for WordPress 2.3, tested with WordPress 2.3.1
  • we had to switch off the whois.happyarts.net UDP server because of massive server stability problems. We are investigating the problem and may start the service again. Untils this, there is no country code detection possible. Another way to fix this problem would be a local database with ip-ranges and countries. If someone want to write this…

Version 1.12a (8. Januar 2007)

  • new database format, about half the size of the old format
  • added blogger.com to detected search engines
  • fix for broken referer
  • added debug version which shows all errors
  • some internal fixes (uninitialized variables, …)
  • disabled old country detection code
  • If you wish to compress your SQL database to about half of the original size, execute these SQL statements once (replace all ‚ with the standard character before)

    UPDATE ‚wp_ss_stats‘ SET ‚language‘ = “ WHERE ‚language‘ = ‚empty‘
    UPDATE ‚wp_ss_stats‘ SET ‚browser‘ = “ WHERE ‚browser‘ = ‚Indeterminable‘
    UPDATE ‚wp_ss_stats‘ SET ‚version‘ = “ WHERE ‚version‘ = ‚Indeterminable‘
    UPDATE ‚wp_ss_stats‘ SET ‚platform‘ = “ WHERE ‚platform‘ = ‚Indeterminable‘
    ALTER TABLE ‚wp_ss_stats‘ CHANGE ‚country‘ ‚country‘ CHAR( 2 ) NOT NULL
    ALTER TABLE ‚wp_ss_stats‘ DROP ‚user_agent‘

Whois PHP service switched off (13. December 2006)

Now it is 6 months ago that we wrote and launched the UDP-based whois service on our server to process the whois queries in wp-shortstat. The new service replaces the old PHP based ip2country.php script which should not be used anymore. Please download the latest version of wp-shortstat to use the UDP service because the PHP based is switched off now.

Version 1.11 (27. June 2006)

  • fixed lost referer for some strange php configurations

Version 1.10 (22. May 2006)

  • More timeout handling for UDP connect/usage
  • If UDP connect to http://whois.happyarts.net fails, use old TCP algorithm
  • Show feed hits separatly

Version 1.9b (11. May 2006)

  • We added a new country detection service, using our own server written only for wp-shortstat (using c# with mono) and UDP, instead of HTTP with php/apache/mysql as server. We hope, that we can rise the limit of 5 queries/second to at least 50 queries/second. This should also improve the performance of your weblog. Please donate to allow us to improve this service.
  • search termes with special characters (all chars not included in US-ASCII) where not handled correctly
  • more charset problems fixed, we use html entities instead of unicode for output now
  • added new module: „Last Keywords“, shows the last couple of search keywords extracted from the referrers
  • Improved CSS a little bit

Version 1.8 (23. April 2006)

  • added PHP 5 compatibility
  • added more search engine strings

Version 1.7h (06. April 2006)

  • Localized date strings
  • Search terms are now converted to blog charset
  • Fixed more date/time offset problems. Incorrect timestamps where written to the database if server time and wordpress time are differ (thx to John Holman and James Skemp)
  • Added detection to more newer browsers like Safari 2.0.2-2.0.3 and others (thx to Sean Park)
  • Stripp PHP-SessionID from referrer string
  • Added three russion search engines (from http://register.intruder.ru)
  • Test if function mb_convert_encoding exists, because not all PHP installations have this function
  • Don’t foget to adjust your daylight saving time (+1) in Admin|Options|General

Version 1.6 (27. Feb. 2006)

Version 1.5a (17. Feb. 2006)

  • We from Happy Arts added a new server service: whois.happyarts.net. This service determinates the country from an IP address, using a 300 MB MySQL database from http://www.hostip.info. We could not use hostip, it is to slow and whois.wordpress.de doesn’t work anymore. This fixes the problem that the languages are „Indeterminable“.
  • Fixed some quote marks in incorrect charsets (thx to David), fixed title for links in the two referrers boxes

Version 1.4a

  • for performance reasons show only the last 7 days of hits statistics
  • speedup for weekly statistic (nearly doubled the performance)
  • fixed time difference in weekly statistics

older changes:

  • new host for detecting country code (thx to wordpress.de)
  • fixed time offset calculation in wp_shortstat_display_stats, TodayHits and UniqueHits, now uses time zone configured in WordPress
  • search terms are now saved case insensitive
  • do not check for „is_admin_page“ function anymore, because some plugins like Google Sitemap Plugin from Arne Brachhold include this function an wp-shortstat thinks that we are admin, even on standard pages
  • fixes from http://www.4null4.de/63/wp-shortstat-korrekturen included
  • do not check for „is_admin_page“ function anymore, because some plugins like Google Sitemap Plugin from Arne Brachhold include this function an wp-shortstat thinks that we are admin, even on standard pages
  • multiple fixes for detecting pages that should not been counted
  • page calls from users that are logged in and are admins don’t counted anymore
  • changes from WebKeyDesign included: changed CSS to match WP2 theme (http://www.webkeydesign.com/107/wordpress-20-shortstat-plugin/)
  • naver.com search term recognition added
  • fixed all reported warnings from Zend Code Analyzer


  1. I try to install on my WP 2.0.5 and some code work but other code doesn’t work, this list that doesn’t work
    – List Country
    – List Operating System
    – List Browser

    On List country I got this message

    please update wpshortstat

    But what must update? I go to this page, and doesn’t get new version

    My WP-ShortStat version 1.12, please help me how to fix it.


  2. Jauhari: there may be two reasons for this. Either the message is from an old wp-shortstat or the udp port of your server is not open and wp-shortstat has to use the fallback function. But because of the server load we had to switch off this fallback. In the newest wp-shortstat this fallback won’t be called anymore.

  3. When new version was released? I was use the latest 1.12 and I was try to delete my old stats tables, and disable the plugins and enable again, after that I check and still got that problem

    Please help

  4. Jauhari: I released a new version which does not call the old country code url anymore. This should work, if you have UDP access to our server.

  5. I was download the lates 1.12a and delete my Old table and enable my New Version WP-ShortStat, and I ask my friend to browse my blog, and I try to lookup on my WP-ShortStat Dashboard and I still have question. Like this

    – WP-ShortStat doesn’t detect Browser that used by user
    – WP-ShortStat doesn’t detect what Operating System that used by user
    – WP-ShortStat doesn’t detect Country of user

    How to make WP-ShortStat detect that?

    Please help

  6. Jauhari: the country code is only detected, when you have UDP access to our server. And it seems that your browser code is not interpreted, this may be a php/apache/etc. configuration error.

  7. Ok I will check my UDP port later.
    So how about Browser detection and Operating System detection?


  8. I’m also getting a udp error displayed on my site (shows up in FF and IE, but not in Safari).

    Assuming my ISP won’t handle the udp connection, how can I fix this? Can I comment-out the whole function in php? This is a deal-breaker for me.

  9. BTW – I’ve noticed that this plugin needs an update for WordPress 2.1 – it hasn’t tracked any stats at all on any of the blogs I’ve updated to 2.1.

  10. Markus:

    I also am unable to get Browser, Platform, Country to work.

    I am using 1&1.de hosting… how do I get them to support what is missing?


  11. Just installed this – looks good so far, nice one thanks!

  12. I get no stats for Browsers, Platforms or Countries either.

    Additionally in the Countries box I get this message:

    Countries Visits
    please update wpshortstat 1

    Any idea why I can’t get this information? I’m hosted with Pipex WebFusion.

    Otherwise I’m really happy with it.

  13. I meant to say that I’m running WordPress 2.0.8.

  14. Hey!

    Really nice plugin, but I was wondering if I could get some kind of code to paste in the footer so people can see my stats, just the total and unique visistors for today or since is had been running for example..

    Is this possible because that would be really nice!



  15. Cryil: at the moment it is not possible to display values outside the admin interface. There are some patches, which allow this, but you have to search for them and maybe adapt it to wp-shortstat.

  16. den norske oversettelsen kan lastes ned her:

  17. Interesting but need some more details reports for must have for every wordpress user.


  1. […] I’ve been having a little bit of fun with the Counterize II plugin. I’ve suspected for a while that the WP-Shortstat plugin may not be entirely reliable – I’ve run concurrently with a couple of other stats plugins and Shortstat has consistently short more hits than any of the others. Now I’m running Shortstat and Counterize concurrently and deciding that Counterize is probably far more accurate. For one thing it actually shows me the IP addresses of folks who surf through here, and I have all these pretty little charts tracking traffic. For a stats geek like me, that’s pretty darn nifty. Counterize also has this nice little option to click for a geographic location by IP, though as I discovered last night, it’s not wholly accurate – my home IP showed up as being several states away, which is actually pretty ok by me. But I do get a general idea of what countries people who see my site are in. So far, I’ve seen IPs from all around the world – Singapore, Sweden, Denmark, Thailand, Korea, and the USA, just to name a few. It’s truly fascinating. […]

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  4. Shortstat Installation…

    Habe es eben geschafft Shortstat zu installieren. Hatte mit der aktuellen Originalversion immer folgende Fehlermeldung:

    Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in …/blog/wp-content/plugins/wp-shortstat.php on line 779.

    Ein Bugfix hat dann das…

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  17. […] Wp-Shortstat (5/48) is the stats plugin for your blog. Install the plugin, go to your WP dashboard and you can see the stats you need. The plugin was written by Jeff Minard but now is maintained by Markus Kaemmerer. […]

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  21. […] Wp-Shortstat (5/48) is the stats plugin for your blog. Install the plugin, go to your WP dashboard and you can see the stats you need. The plugin was written by Jeff Minard but now is maintained by Markus Kaemmerer. […]

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  27. […] Wp-Shortstat (5/48) 是一个访问状?的?件。安装?件之?,到你的管?首页,你就能看到你所需的状?信? 这个?件是由 Jeff Minard 写的,但是目?由 Markus Kaemmerer 维护。 […]

  28. […] Akismet Google Sitemap Generator Related posts WP-Contact Form WordPress database backup Feedburner Feed Replacement Ultimate Tag Warrior Subscribe to comments AdSense Deluxe Gravatars Jerome’s Keywords plugin Optimal title Sociable WP-Cache 2.0 Popularity Contest Sidebar Widgets Wp_Notable Simple Tags Adhesive Exec-php Extended live archive No ping wait PodPress SRG Clean Archives WP-Page Navi WP-Cron Wp-Shortstat Lightbox 2 del.icio.us cached Get Recent Comments var sb_url_to_rate = „http://connectedinternet.co.uk/de/2007/04/03/top-30-wordpress-plugins/“; var sb_rated_title = „Top 30 WordPress Plugins“; try { var sb_rated_creation = new Date(Date.parse(‚Tue, 03 Apr 2007 09:59:05 +0100‘)); } catch (e) {} Share This | Leave A Comment (0) | Comments RSS | Posted 3rd Apr 2007 Thanks for reading! Subscribe now to receive updates and similar posts: […]

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